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I’m Ania

Hello, I’m Ania. My path to becoming an IBCLC and launching my private practice was fueled by personal experiences and a deep passion for lactation care.

As a mother of four, and the owner of busy private practice, I deeply understand the challenges and triumphs of building and growing your lactation business and balancing work and family life.

The reality is that lucky few of us get any business training as they enter our profession. All of our passion to start helping families hit a roadblock when we realize we have no business or marketing skills to reach families that need our help. Starting without a clear business plan or marketing strategy, I also experienced the typical pains as a new business owner.  Recognizing a similar struggle among my peers, I’ve created the Lactation Business Growth Hub. This Facebook group rapidly grew, underscoring the necessity for a supportive network where lactation professionals could share insights and grow together.


My vision for the world where everyone finds support to walk the journey they love led me to creation of the Lactation Directory. The platform which enables professionals to showcase their expertise and connect with families in need of guidance. 

This directory is my first project aimed tot create a world where every lactation professional, irrespective of their journey stage, can flourish and contribute meaningfully to family care.

As I look to the future, the development of the Lactation Business Growth Membership is my primary focus. This initiative aims to equip lactation professionals with the tools and knowledge to overcome business hurdles, fostering a spirit of innovation and efficiency in their practices.

I invide you to join me in this mission at Lactation Growth, where we’re not just building businesses – we’re nurturing a community of professionals dedicated to enhancing family health and wellbeing through exceptional lactation support.

Thriving Lactation Practice in just three steps

Get clarity

In this foundational stage, You will nurture your business vision through mindset work, clarifying your unique essence, and defining your niche. Craft a compelling voice.

Build and optimize

Build a solid foundation with essential elements like practice naming, branding, and website creation.  Mastering social media presence and connections with healthcare partners—optimizing your lactation practice for growth.

Grow and redefine

As your practice flourishes, you’ll assess and redefine your goals, optimize client communication, and expand your reach through strategic content creation and connections.

The Programs


Building Your Business Brand Workshop


Workshop on defining your business brand, identifying your unique brand essence, and developing essential branding elements like logos, colors, and taglines all done in Canva. Over shoulder look at creating a brand from contextualized ideas to all visual elements.


Website Revamp Summit


Revamp Your Web: Transform Your Site, Transform Your Business.  Learn the essentials of effective website design, layout, and content organization. Gain insights into creating compelling copy, incorporating client testimonials, and optimizing for search engines.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I gain by joining your membership?

A: By joining my membership, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources designed to empower you on your journey as a lactation professional. From comprehensive instructional videos and ready-to-use templates to invaluable tools and expert guidance, the membership offers you a roadmap to start and grow your private lactation practice with confidence. You’ll benefit from step-by-step strategies that cover mindset development, branding, niche clarification, marketing, client acquisition, and more. Expect to gain the knowledge, support, and community you need to thrive in your lactation consulting career.

Q: What makes your programming unique and effective?

A: What sets my programming apart is its focus on you as an individual with unique goals and values. I blend my deep understanding of lactation consulting with my experience in marketing and social media to offer you a holistic approach to building your practice. You’re not just receiving a one-size-fits-all solution; you’re getting personalized strategies that align with your vision. The combination of tangible tools, relatable guidance, and a supportive community ensures that you’re equipped to overcome challenges and achieve your goals in a way that resonates with who you are.

Q: Who is an ideal candidate for your membership?

A: If you’re an IBCLC dreaming of launching your own practice or looking to transition from hospital or clinic work to a private practice, my membership is tailored to provide you with the foundational tools and confidence you need. Similarly, if you’re a working IBCLC juggling multiple responsibilities and seeking efficient ways to manage your practice, my membership will offer you time-saving resources and strategies to elevate your career.

Q: What kind of transformation can I expect from your programs?

A: Through my programs, you can expect a profound transformation in your career and mindset. You’ll gain the skills to create a purpose-driven private practice that aligns with your values, ultimately allowing you to achieve financial independence and work-life balance.  Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, you’llbe able to attract clients effortlessly and confidently navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

Q: Why should someone unsure about this membership decide to join?

A: If you’re unsure about joining, consider this: my membership isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about gaining a supportive community and a mentor who understands the challenges you face. With my warm and approachable coaching style, I provide personalized guidance that ensures you won’t be navigating your journey alone. Moreover, my membership offers tangible tools and templates that you can start using immediately to see results. It’s an investment in yourself and your dreams, backed by a coach who’s walked the path you’re on.

Q: What value do you bring to partnerships and collaborations?

My value in partnerships and collaborations lies in my commitment to authenticity and mutual growth. I bring my expertise in lactation consulting, business development, and marketing to the table, enriching collaborations with strategic insights and creative solutions. With a deep understanding of the lactation industry and a dedication to uplifting fellow professionals, I contribute a fresh perspective that enhances the outcomes of joint endeavors.

Q: How will parents find your private practice directory to see my listing?

A: The Lactation Private Practice directory is designed to be easily discoverable by parents seeking lactation support. Through strategic SEO optimization and user-friendly filters, parents can search for lactation consultants based on location, services offered, and other relevant criteria. By providing a platform that simplifies the process of finding qualified consultants, I’m ensuring that your listing reaches families in need and helps them access the support they’re seeking.

Q: How do your programs accommodate different levels of experience and expertise among lactation consultants?

A: At Lactation Growth, I understand that lactation consultants come from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. That’s why my programs are thoughtfully designed to cater to both aspiring entrepreneurs taking their first steps into private practice and seasoned professionals looking to expand their existing ventures.