Hi! My name is Ania.

I am an IBCLC in private practice, fueled by a passion to unite and support lactation business owners at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

My path to Lactation Business Coaching began less than a year ago with the launch of the Lactation Business Growth Hub on Facebook. The group’s rapid growth validated the urgent need for more support in lactation business building and collaboration among professionals at various stages of their careers.

Frustrated with the lack of statistical data in the lactation field, I Came up with an idea of Google map to list IBCLC private practice owners. The idea recived overwhelming interest from lactation business owners. Initially promising, it soon became apparent that the map lacked the necessary functionality to effectively serve our community and reach the families we aimed to help.

In stead of simply forgoing the idea, I decided to create a comprehensive lactation directory. Directory ithat will  serve our professional community while also streamlining the process for families seeking local and global lactation services and resources.

This project is now in its final stages, and I am thrilled about its upcoming launch, set for the end of April.

Looking ahead, my next objective is to develop the Lactation Business Growth Membership. This low ticket solution aims to simplify the practice-building process for lactation professionals, removing creative burdens and obstacles on their path to a successful business.